Autumn/Winter Trends – 2017

The days are getting shorter and there is a definite chill in the air.

Summer is, alas, on it’s last legs and it’s time to get ready for the colder weather.

Nothing like new clothes to make a girl feel better about the weather, right?

So here’s the deal: –

The trends for autumn and winter 2017 have a definite romantic vibe but there is also a bit of edge and glamour to keep things interesting.

Main colour trends

The two colours that seem to be dominate the trend list are light pinks and blues and it is very clear that grey is going to be the leading basic colour this winter.

I am also seeing a lot of burgundy and royal blue, especially in velvet fabrics.

Winter white or ivory is also big and works like a dream with the light pinks and blues. Add a little grey to the mix and you are truly on trend!

Khaki/Olive is another colour that I’m seeing more of this year. It can be combined with almost any colour, so I’ll risk calling it a basic colour, at least for this coming season.

As always, you can never go wrong with black and navy and I would always recommend that you invest in classic basic pieces in these two colours.

Main Fashion trends


Anything with embroidery, especially floral embroidery…

From handbags to bomber jackets, jeans, and even shoes, embroidery is big. You can even recycle an older clothing item by adding a little embroidery – it’s as simple as taking it to your nearest embroidery shop. In smaller towns, chances are that there is a lady or two who can do still embroider by hand for a truly unique look.

Embroidery adds a romantic, feminine element to your wardrobe, so however you choose to do it, whether buying off the rack or having an older piece specially embroidered, be sure to incorporate it into your collection.


This luxurious fabric has made a big comeback this season.

In the past, velvet was only really used for formal evening wear, but this winter, you’ll see bodysuits, coats, jackets, pants, hats, gloves, scarves and bags in this stunning fabric. It can be dressed up or down and will add a touch of glamour to any outfit.


Add a touch of bling to your look with metallics.

Although the metallic trend can be seen everywhere in the fashion realm, shoes are a great way to ease into this trend and incorporate it into your everyday look.

Sneakers, pumps, loafers, brogues and heels in shiny satin or patent leather are available in all of the trendy pinks and blues as well as burgundy, navy and shades of silver, gold, rose gold, pewter, and bronze.

Interesting sleeves

Ruffled sleeves, bell sleeves, flared sleeves, sleeves with embroidery and longer length sleeves will add interest to your wardrobe this winter.

Be sure to show off your interesting sleeves by combining them with simple pieces. The sleeves should speak for themselves!

The bomber jacket

This 90’s favourite has been given a make-over and can now be found in even the most exclusive fashion circles.

Back in the 90’s it was referred to as a “football jacket” and every TV series for teens involved some storyline about the college football quarterback giving his jacket to a girl he fancied…

Fortunately, you don’t have to date a football player to get your hands on one of these this year!


As far as shoes are concerned, there are a few old favourites and a few new trends.

  • Sneakers. Everybody needs a pair of basic white sneakers as a go to, but you should also consider a pair in a metallic finish or a leather look for this winter. Slip-on sneakers are a great alternative to the typical lace-up.
  • Shoes with lace ties around the ankles. This ballet inspired trend has been around all summer, but it is here to stay for winter too. Anything from ballet pumps to stiletto heels with lace tie details are featuring throughout the fashion industry.
  • Block/stacked heels. This comfortable heel is not an altogether new trend, but it is definitely huge. The look has been updated for the season with accents of velvet and embroidery.
  • Ankle Boots. No wardrobe is complete without a pair of ankle boots. This season you will find them in a number of different styles, from leather to velvet, flat to kitten heel to stiletto and even with some embroidery detail.
  • Over-the-knee Boots. Last year we saw a lot of tall boots, but this year they’re even taller. This is a difficult boot to pull off, and I would only recommend this to the younger diva’s and those with excellent thighs…
  • Brogues. A look that was borrowed from the boys. These comfortable lace-up flats with punched hole details are a must have for the coming season. Two-tone brogues are especially fashionable. Bonus if they’re metallic 🙂
  • Loafers. These are also borrowed from the boys. It is a slip-on shoe, much like a moccasin, but more structured and this year you will be right on trend if you get yourself a pair of slip-on loafers with open heels.

Apart from the above, it is always a good idea to have a pair of plain black leather pumps and a pair of animal print pumps in your collection. This year snakeskin is very fashionable, but leopard will also do.


On the accessory front, it would appear that less is definitely more. In most cases you’ll get away with a simple choker necklace, plain earrings and a plain watch.

I hope that this has been of some help to you.

I look forward to seeing some pics of your outfits of the day on my FB feed in the coming months!

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Collage - Winter 2017Pink Csaual - A:W2017Pink & Grey with Metallic SneakerEmbroidered Ankle BootsGrey Smart Casual


My November 30-Day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

At the end of October a lady in one of the FB groups I’m a member of challenged me to create a capsule wardrobe and wear a different combination of the items from the capsule every day for the entire month of November.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, so I accepted her challenge and committed to posting an “Outfit of the Day” for 30 consecutive days…

I jumped right to it and started browsing Polyvore and Pinterest to have a look at their capsule suggestions. I finally settled on a capsule of basic colours (navy, white, grey, black and tan/brown), with a splash of colour, which I introduced by way of accessories and shoes.

Those of you who know me personally will know that dressing in similar colours for an entire month (even for a week) is just something that I do not do, but I was determined to make this work. Nothing like a challenge to spice up the last month before the holidays, right? Right!

I spent an entire Sunday creating my Polyvore mood boards and I posted them to the ladies in the FB group and on my FB Page on the 31st of October. There was no turning back after that!

At first I really enjoyed the ease with which I could get dressed in the mornings; no standing in front of my wardrobe for 15 minutes thinking of what to wear, or complaining that I have nothing to wear. Life was good!


It was more of a challenge than I realised. Being me, and loving variety, the novelty of the capsule soon wore off and after about two weeks, it really became boring and tedious…REALLY!!!

The biggest reason for this, in my opinion, was the fact that I had only included clothing items in basic colours in the capsule and no colourful clothing items to switch it up a bit. If I wanted to add colour to my outfit, I had to do so with either shoes or accessories. This in itself was not a problem – I have a lot of shoes and accessories to choose from – but it would have been nice if I just had 2 or 3 colourful tops to switch things up a bit and make my choices a little more fun.

The other reason I found it boring after a while, is that I just love clothes too much to ever settle on a small 26 item capsule wardrobe.

Having said all of the above, I can tell you that this capsule would have been great for a 10-14 day spring/summer holiday. Minimal packing, nothing unnecessary and totally mix- and matchable.

What did I learn?

  1. It was more work than I thought it would be to put the capsule together. It literally took me an entire day!
  2. I would definitely add clothing items in at least two other colours to the capsule – one warm colour (like red or yellow) and one cool colour (like turquoise or green). Don’t get me wrong, I love navy and white, but adding colour provides more options and makes the capsule more fun.
  3. I can definitely get away with fewer shoes, and definitely all of them in basic colours, as they are easier to mix and match that way.
  4. Add as many accessories as you can – it will keep you sane…
  5. It doesn’t matter how creative I got, wearing the same items over and over for a whole month was just plain boring – I would be lying to you if I said that it wasn’t!
  6. A good basic capsule is a great way to start your “forever” wardrobe on a budget, and it is great for travelling when packing space and airline allowances are limited. Other than that, I don’t see why a girl should limit herself!

What did I wear?

Below are the Polyvore moodboards and my 30 different combinations. Some of them I love, some I’m neutral about and there are even one of two that I totally detest, but I did it! For 30 days, I made outfits out of a 26 item capsule and not once did I wear the same combination of items. I even added a 31st outfit because, well,  I can!

Polyvore Boards

These were made up of items found on the Polyvore database. The items are similar to the ones I own and used for the challenge, but not identical.

I also included three boards with accessories and shoes to serve as an illustration of what could work.


30 Different Combinations

Days 1-10

Days 11-20

Days 21-31 (yes, 31…some months have more days!)

So there you have it. 31 different outfit combinations from a capsule of 26 items.

Will I ever accept a challenge like this again? Not likely!!

It was fun, but it is just not me…

All my love,


Joggers and Heels?

Those of you who know me, know that I have this tiny obsession with shoes…

In my opinion, no wardrobe is complete with at least one pair of heels, but in my case, more is more…way more!

Traditionally heels have been associated with power suits, cocktail parties and evening wear, and until a few years ago, nobody would dream of wearing heels with joggers or tracksuit pants, but fortunately for the die hard heel fanatics, times change.

These days you can (and definitely should) wear your sneakers with your power suit and your heels with your tracksuits. It’s called the “athleisure”, or “sports luxe” trend, and it is BIG!

To pull off the trend, you have to be careful to balance your outfit. Don’t go for the boldest brightest pair of platform heels and the most psychedelic pair of joggers  you can find – people will stare…

The idea is to blend the two styles together in an elegant way. Think understated and neutral. Think Victoria Beckham.

Try a simple monochrome jogger pant with a white t-shirt, bomber jacket and elegant pumps. Keep accessories minimal and if you’re a bit more adventurous, add a hat or cap.

Joggers & Heels

To take the look to the office, try a pencil skirt and blazer with a pair of classic sneakers and a fabulous handbag.

Suits & Sneakers

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As always, I welcome your participation on my social media pages, please feel free to send or post a pic of your take on this trend and tag me!

Until next time,

Happy shopping!







For the Love of Blankets

Hey there!

So, those of you who know me personally will know that I have a bit of an obsession with shoes.

Well, guess what? I have another obsession…BLANKET SCARVES, WRAPS and PONCHO’S!!!

Such is this obsession that I have to physically restrain myself from buying every single one I see. I absolutely LOVE them!

Obsession aside, I have to say that the blanket scarf, poncho and wrap trend is one that truly makes sense for winter. a Poncho or blanket wrap is so much warmer than a jacket and much less restrictive than a coat. A big fluffy blanket scarf just adds that touch of luxury to a boring sweater or dress and of course, keeps you warm too.

Folding and draping a blanket scarf is a bit of an art and it takes some practice to master the perfect draping, but trust me, once you’ve got the hang of it, you will love it! There are many tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube, so you have no excuse not to master the art…

So, how to wear it?

Drape a blanket wrap or poncho around your shoulders to ward off the chill. Pair them with boots and you’re one stylish lady!

Wraps, ponchos and blanket scarves will look great with anything from jeans to office suits, so don’t be afraid to play around.

My favourite way of wearing a poncho or wrap is to pair it with leggings and a long shirt or knitted dress and boots. I love wearing my blanket scarves with coats for that extra layer of warmth and to add colour. I keep accessories to a minimum so that the scarf, wrap or poncho does all the talking in the style department.

Where to buy them?

Well, maybe a better question will be where you will NOT find them, because they are everywhere, from PnP Clothing to Queenspark and Online, you really just have to walk into any store and there they will be.

I have recently posted a few Looks of the Day on my Facebook Page and Instagram and I have created a few sets on Polyvore to give you an idea of how versatile these blankets are. Please like my page and follow me for more ideas as the month of July brings more freezing days our way.

I encourage you to try the look for yourself and to post your looks of the day to my Facebook Page with the tags #LOTD and #Blanketscarves. I really enjoy seeing how you make a trend your own.

Until next time, happy shopping!



Tunic Tuesday


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One of my favourite autumn and winter staples is a tunic. A blouse, that is a dress, that is a long shirt, that is a blouse…

Very versatile and suitable for just about any body type out there.

These wonderful garments can be worn with leggings, jeans, pencil skirts or, if you have great legs, on their own with a pair of fabulous boots or heels. They can go from the office to a braai with minimal effort.

I usually pair my tunics with leggings or skinny jeans, minimal accessories and ankle or knee high boots. If I feel particularly adventurous, I will add a floppy hat for extra drama.

The mood board I have created on my Polyvore Profile, pairs the tunic with a pair of leather pants and deep red ankle boots, bag and floppy hat for extra drama.

You can belt the tunic if you want to accentuate a small waist or leave it as is to hide a fuller waist.

Tunics differ in length from just under the bum, to around mid- to lower thigh and they’re great garments to cover your rear without making you look wider than you are.

Most ladies feel comfortable wearing a tunic, and my advice to all ladies is to have at least one in your wardrobe.

The items needed to re-create this look can be found at the following retailers:


Truworths, Woolworths, Foschini, Exact, Milady’s, Mr. Price and Pick ‘n Pay Clothing


Woolworths, Foschini, Jet, Mr. Price, Ackermans, The Fix, Spree and Zando


Woolworths, Identity, Jet, Spree and Zando

Ankle Boots & Bag:

Ankle boots are EVERYWHERE this season, you can pretty much walk into any clothing or shoe store and you will be confronted with several options.

I always recommend a leather bag for durability, but when it comes to brightly coloured bags, I tend to opt for the cheaper versions, simply because they are not staples, but rather fashion trends that do not usually feature for more than one or two seasons. Woolworths and Edgars are always good options when looking for a trendy bag.

I have finally created a Facebook Page. Please go and like my page and share with your fashionista friends.

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Until next time,

Happy shopping!


Tunic Tuesday


Capes & Hats


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So, winter has arrived and out came the coats and scarves.

Glorious, though, as coats are scarves are, they are not the only fashionable winter essentials to have in your closet.

Over the past two years or so, capes or poncho’s and hats (other than beanies) have made a major comeback, which is great, because if there are two things that will keep you warm, capes and hats are it!

I have created the below mood board on my Polyvore profile and I went to the shops to find similar items at less than designer prices…

This look is sophisticated enough to wear to work, but can just as easily be dressed down with a few tweaks to the accessories and shoes.

For instance: The cape can be substituted for a blanket scarf or knit poncho and the high heeled boots for riding boots if you want to dress this look down. Play around with it!

Besides the capes and hats are very much in fashion now, I have seen these bodycon poloneck knit dresses at a few shops, which is good news, because they are very comfy and warm on cold winter days too, with the added advantage of being a little more glam than a denim or black tights (although this look will work just fine with denims and tights too)!
Capes & Hats
Here’s where you can shop:
Cape / Blanket Scarf:
Poetry, Identity, Woolworths, Pick n Pay Clothing, Refinery, Spree and Zando.
Poloneck Bodycon Dress: (A poloneck jersey and pencil skirt will work too)
Zando, Spree, Edgars, Pick n Pay Clothing, Refinery, Woolworths and Mr. Price.

Floppy Hat:

Jet, Spree, Zando, Woolworths, Mr Price & Superbalist.


Froggie, Jordan Shoes, Footgear, Rage, Zoom, Spree and Zando


Statement necklace, bracelets and earrings: Woolworths, Metallic Mermaid, Edgars, Truworths, Foschini, Spree or Zando

Handbag: Woolworths, Edgars, Spree, Zando, Foschini or Truworths
Graphic Print Tights: Edgars normally has a good collection as does Woolworths.


Finish the look with a smokey eye and a nude lip and it will look like you have just walked out of the pages of Vogue!

Until next time,

Happy shopping!


Leather & Lace

I’m a bit of a biker chic, but I’m also a girly girl, you know, the kind of girl who wants to wear the edgy leather biker jackets, but who also loves feminine lace and dainty accessories.

Well, finally, I can be both!

Say hello to the one of the hottest trends this autumn: Leather & Lace.

The mixing of textures is a trend that has only made headlines in recent years. Much like the combination of navy and black or denim-on-denim, the mixing or combining of opposite textures (think chunky wool and silk…) used to be frowned upon in the fashion industry. In recent years, though more and more fashionistas have turned their backs on conventional style rules, and a new trend emerged that I absolutely adore! It is no longer an issue if you feel the need to wear your chunky, cable knit sweater with your oh-so-dainty silk maxi skirt, denim-on-denim is hotter than hot, and edgy leather with feminine lace is no one of the biggest trends out there.

I have created two mood boards on my Polyvore profile, to illustrate how one can combine leather and lace. Please go have a look and follow me for regular style updates.

The first look is a casual look. You will be the most stylish person at that braai or on the sports field at your children’s school rugby day. All you have to do is to combine a dainty lace top with a leather biker jacket and jeans, a pair of ankle boots and a fabulous handbag.

Keep accessories minimal, but fun and go for a nude make-up look.

Leather & Lace.jpg

This look can be recreated from the following shops:

Leather Jacket:
Poetry & Queenspark (real leather, expensive, but an investment),
Truworths, Milady’s, and Mr. Price (faux leather, but still pretty)

Lace Blouse:

Woolworths, Queenspark, Milady’s, Zando, Spree

NOTE: A chiffon or other type of sheer blouse will also work here.

Ankle Boots:

Poetry & Tsonga (real leather investment boots),

Zando, Spree, Truworths & Mr. Price

Oversized Handbag:

Jinger Jack, Woolworths & Get This  (real leather bags – an investment indeed)

Woolworths, Zando, Mr. Price

Bamboo Sunglasses:

Woood (These trendy wooden sunnies will spark conversation wherever you go!)

NOTE: A normal pair will do just fine too 🙂


The second look I created is an office/girl-about-town/diva look for those with a little more confidence. It is edgy and pretty and funky all at the same time – nobody is going to overlook you, so be sure that you only wear this if you want to get noticed!

A lace dress or pencil skirt with a feminine top is already a lovely office look, but add a leather biker jacket and some edgy heels to rev this look up a notch, and see how the compliments start coming your way!
This is a look that you can (and should) play with. The only limit here is your level of comfort!
Leather & Lace with a Turquoise Twist.jpg
This look can be recreated from the following shops:
Leather Jacket:
Poetry & Queenspark (real leather, expensive, but an investment),
TruworthsMilady’s, and Mr. Price (faux leather, but still pretty)

Feminine Blouse:

Woolworths, Get This, Zando,  Spree

Lace Dress/Skirt:

PoetryQueenspark, Milady’sZandoSpreeMr. Price

Ankle Boots:

ZandoSpreeTruworths, Zoom, Madison & Mr. Price


Jinger Jack (real leather, be prepared to spend more)

WoolworthsZandoSpreeMr. Price


Have a little fun with colour and texture when exploring this trend. Find your inner DIVA!

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Until next time,

Happy shopping!

Fringe & Florals – Autumn 2016

Remember the boho trend of spring/summer 2015?

Well, the 70’s are still influencing the style trends for autumn so you will continue to see this whimsical trend on the streets. 

That means that you can look forward to warm florals or retro 70’s prints like paisley, paired with plum/burgundy or rich chocolate hues, suede/leather, tassels, boots and soft hats!

In order to update your look for autumn, there are three things that you absolutely HAVE to have in your wardrobe:

  • Something with a floral or retro 70’s print;
  • Something with fringe detail; and
  • Something in a deep, rich plum/burgundy or chocolate/earthy colour.

To create the look featured in this week’s Polyvore mood board, combine a whimsical floral blouse with plum skinnies and a suede jacket with fringe detail. Finish the look with a leather cross-body bag, block heel ankle boots and a braided belt.

A deep red wine lipstick, neutral eye make-up, floral or hippy inspired accessories and a whimsical hairstyle, like a messy bun, will pull the boho theme together.


Fringe & Florals

Items similar to the ones featured above can be purchased from the following shops:

Suede / Faux Suede Jacket:

Cotton On & Mr. Price (No fringe detail) or Spree (With fringe detail and in different lenghts) 

Plum/Burgundy Pants:

Foshini (Non-denim, skinny trousers), Zando & Mr. Price (Burgundy jeggings)

Side Note: 

This look will also work beautifully with chocolate brown pants which can be found at Foschini and Woolworths.

Floral/Retro Print Blouse:

Spree, Zando, Truworths, Woolworths & Mr. Price. 

Side Note:

Plaid/Check print is also still popular, and available in plum/burgundy colours this autumn, at Milady’s.

Ankle Boots & Cross Body Bag:

Ankle Boots: They are everywhere at the moment, you will find nice ones at Madison, Zoom, Woolworths, Truworths, Foschini and even Mr. Price and Shoe City.

Cross-body bag: Jinger Jack (Real leather bags), Truworths, Woolworths and Mr. Price (Real bargain at R99.99 with fringe detail)

Floral/Hippy Inspired Jewellery

One of my favourite places to look for whimsical jewellery is Metallic Mermaid, but craft markets are also a good place to find them. Mr. Price has a nice range of floral and hippy inspired accessories at the moment. 

Vintage Shopping Options:

The nice thing about this boho trend is that you will probably find the best buys at second hand shops and flea markets at a steal. You can be assured that you will have a unique piece, so go and have a look, you never know what gems you will find… 

Until next time…

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